Shea butter is a truly miraculous product for beautiful skin. Used daily, it is also part of traditional African medicine. The following are some of its numerous qualities:

  1. Anti-ageing effect
  2. Stimulation for cell and tissue regeneration
  3. Providing nutrition to the skin and moisturising it thanks to linoleic acid and Vitamin F.
  4. Highly nutritious for dry and brittle hair thanks to the presence of Vitamin A.
  5. Natural sun protection (UVB) and after-sun effectiveness
  6. Disinfects cutaneous cracks or ulcers thanks to the presence of Vitamin A
  7. Gets rid of stretch marks owing to its anti-elastase properties.
  8. Draining effect: increases blood circulation and elimination of metabolic waste.

Well-being and Relaxation

Run a hot bath and add a spoonful of BOUNA BIO to it. The butter will form a thin invisible layer on your entire body. Thoroughly massage your arms and legs. You will immediately experience a sense of well-being in your muscles. Massaging the muscles before and after strenuous activity makes them lithe and ensures better recovery. It is used extensively by African sportspersons. In addition to its cosmetic and dermatologic applications, shea butter is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects (providing relief from stiffness and rheumatic disorders).